Start Thriving

Is somone you love having problems with alcohol or drugs?

Have you tried to help them, but you’re stuck and you aren’t getting anywhere?

Are you a professional woman trying to balance work and home life, with the stress of it all?

i can help

What if I told you I could help you...

  • Learn the best strategies to cope with your loved one’s drug or alcohol use?
  • Reduce stress and improve your well-being?
  • Live a better life, at home or in your relationship?
  • Be able to focus on your work?
Vicky Seed

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What you'll get

what my clients say

"The sessions with Victoria were so helpful. In one of the sessions, we looked at support and this showed me who I can turn to within my family and social networks, which I had never thought through before. Looking at the ways I have been responding to my mum’s drinking was a particularly helpful session. I feel like I can now tell my mum how I feel with less conflict. Working with Victoria has helped me feel a huge sense of relief and I recommend her programmes to anyone who is living with someone else’s drinking or drug use."
"This group has helped me to help myself draw boundaries. I concentrated on my self and my unconscious enabling behaviour stopped. He has engaged with AA and apart from one catastrophic fall off the wagon in May he has been sober for months, is putting weight on and starting to contribute to the home. Most importantly I’m concentrating on ME and MY recovery, and am coping I cannot change him and am not responsible if he suffers for his bad choices."
Sad lady



No more confusion, only clarity

No more ‘being stuck’, only moving on

No more not knowing what to do

No more opinions, only professional advice from 15 years’ experience from me!

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