Is an adult you love having problems with alcohol or drugs?

Have you tried to help, but you’re stuck and you aren’t getting anywhere?

Are you a professional woman trying to balance work and home life with the stress of the above?

Start thriving

Reclaim Your Life from a Loved Ones Addiction.

Do you want to...

  • Learn the best strategies to cope with a loved one’s drug or alcohol use?
  • Reduce stress and improve your well-being?
  • Live a better life, at home or in your relationship?
  • Be able to focus on your work?

Let me help you

I’m Victoria Seed and I help professional women recover from a loved one’s drug or alcohol use. I understand how hard it is to be in your situation and not know whether how you are handling it is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. You may feel alone. You may not have told anyone about what’s going on. You may have only just realised your loved one has a problem. You may not be able to find the help you need that fits you and your situation. All I can say is that you are doing your best, but I can help you make significant changes to your life.

I did not enter this work as a result of personal experience. I am a professionally trained teacher, trainer, drug and alcohol practitioner, NLP Practitioner and Meditation Instructor. I am a consultant for families, drugs and alcohol. I have spoken at international conferences about families, drugs and alcohol about my work in designing, developing, delivering and managing services for families affected by drug and alcohol use. I have helped hundreds of families recover from a loved one’s drug or alcohol use.

I set up the Vesta Approach a few years ago because I wanted to fill a gap for families that would not or could not access local services due to work commitments or other personal reasons. My services are private and confidential.

As a professional woman myself and a mother, I have naturally connected with women and have designed my service around them.

This programme has been designed specifically for busy, working women who cannot go to a group in the evening, or pop out of work during the day for therapy. This programme is full of value, support and care but is not so demanding of time that you can’t keep up. All you need is a laptop/phone, email address and some earbuds. We will focus on one topic a week relevant to your situation and go through the programme together, week by week.

Having been a drug and alcohol therapist for many years, specialising in family work, we will be talking about your loved one in a respectful and caring manner. I don’t believe in ‘tough-love’ I don’t believe in people having to hit ‘rock-bottom’ to stop using or reduce their substance use. As long as you have regular contact with your loved one, this programme is for you.




Communicate better with your loved one to reduce conflict and learn to understand one another. I will show you how to use strategies that actually work.


Understand your loved one’s drug and alcohol use, why they are using and what they get out of it and figure out what you can do to make being sober more attractive than being intoxicated.


Explore the strategies that are working for you, let go of those that are not and learn my powerful strategies to cope.

Safety & Support

Keep yourself safe while you change your approach towards your loved one’s drug and alcohol use and build your social support so you can get the help you need.


Set clear boundaries about what you will and will not accept in terms of your loved one’s drug and alcohol use.

Family & Children

Know how you can help your children understand drug and alcohol use and start to focus on you and your self-care and family resilience.

about the course

This course is a self-study course. You will need a notebook, pen, laptop/tablet/phone and I would recommend earbuds/phones so that you can work through it privately and in your own time and at your own pace.

Pace is important! You may prefer to binge watch the content but please TAKE YOUR TIME when implementing the strategies. For my one to one clients, this process takes 12-16 weeks, so take your time.

For joining the course, you will receive a PDF download checklist so you can stay accountable with the strategies that you go away and implement.

You will have LIFETIME access to the course, so you can come back as often as you need to.

PLUS, you can join my free, private FB support group for women, where I offer a weekly Q&A so you can ask me any questions you need.

Sad lady

Introduction and welcome

In this module, I will introduce you to the programme, how it works and where to start. There’s a short questionnaire to complete to help you figure out your starting point and what you need to focus on. You will compelte this again at the end and see what has changed nd what you still need help with.

Module 1: Which of your strategies are working?

You will look at the strategies you have been using to cope with your loved one’s substance use. You can then explore which have been working and which have not. Then you can focus on what works and save your precious energy by letting go of those that don’t.

Module 2: Understanding Your Loved One’s Drug and Alcohol Use

Here, I will explain the different stages and patterns of substance use so that you can identify where your loved one is at. You will start to understand the costs and benefits of your loved one’s drug and alcohol use and how you can utilise this information to make being sober more attractive than being under the influence.

Module 3: Keeping Safe

We will explore the possible reaction of your loved one to the changes you are going to make so that you can keep yourself safe. When something gets in the way of drinking or drug use, people can respond in many different ways. I will explain how to prepare for this and keep you as safe as possible.

Module 4: Self Care and Resilience

I know you have heard this all before, but your rest and self-care help you increase your resilience. Here, you will do a deep-dive into your physical, emotional and mental health needs and figure out what you need to do more of so you can start to reduce your stress and put yourself first for once! We will also look at some brilliant resilience strategies you can implement right away!

Module 5: Five Ways to Cope

Now we’re talking! I introduce you to the BEST and most EFFECTIVE strategies to cope with your loved one’s drug or alcohol use. Including; setting boundaries, rewarding your loved one when they are sober, communicating positively, identifying helpful and unhelpful coping strategies & withdrawing your company when your loved one is intoxicated.

Module 6: Help & Support

Increasing your social support is crucial! We will focus on this both within your social networks and also explore options for professional support. Time to celebrate your wins! Now you have made it to the end of the course, what’s next? I will let you know how I can help your further and perhaps with a celebration bonus!

what my clients say

"The sessions with Victoria were so helpful. In one of the sessions, we looked at support and this showed me who I can turn to within my family and social networks, which I had never thought through before. Looking at the ways I have been responding to my mum’s drinking was a particularly helpful session. I feel like I can now tell my mum how I feel with less conflict. Working with Victoria has helped me feel a huge sense of relief and I recommend her programmes to anyone who is living with someone else’s drinking or drug use."
"This group has helped me to help myself draw boundaries. I concentrated on my self and my unconscious enabling behaviour stopped. He has engaged with AA and apart from one catastrophic fall off the wagon in May he has been sober for months, is putting weight on and starting to contribute to the home. Most importantly I’m concentrating on ME and MY recovery, and am coping I cannot change him and am not responsible if he suffers for his bad choices."
Sad lady


Yes, payment is taken securely via PayPal.

Once you pay, you will be directed to the course and an introductory video. You will complete a short survey, so you can record where you are at the start of the programme and what your goals are. Then, you will repeat this short survey at the end so you can see the change!

Believe me. Every single person I have helped has experienced positive change. Is it easy? No. It’s hard work the YOU have to implement. Is it worth it? YES! Some women come to me for help as a last resort to help their relationship. Sometimes, the outcome of this work is that they end a relationship. Some peoples loved one’s STOP OR REDUCE their substance use. Some people learn to cope better and live their own life, even though their loved ones substance use continues WITH CLEAR AND HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. Some people have better relationships with their loved ones.

Your investment

As this is a brand new programme, I’m offering my programme to you as an introductory investment offer of a one-off payment of £99.

This price will increase soon, so I would recommend you this now.

Remember that you will leave this programme knowing:

start thriving.

Reclaim Your Life from a loved one's addiction.

No more confusion, only clarity

No more ‘being stuck’, only moving on

No more not knowing what to do

No more opinions, only professional advice from 15 years’ experience from me!