Living With Family Addiction? Stop Enabling. Start Helping!

Most people living with a loved one's problematic drinking or drug use has heard of the term 'enabling'  

What does it even mean?

  Well, family members, friends and partner are usually at their wits end, wondering what to do to cope with their loved one's problems. It becomes a very stressful journey of trying to get a loved one to stop using their substance. Sometimes it's simply to get their loved one to see they have a problem, even though everyone around them can see it, but they can't! From a place of love, they do everything they can to get their loved one to change their ways. But... nothing works.  

Why? Because they end up enabling their loved ones use.

  One minute there's shouting, crying and pleading with them to change. The next it's paying off debts, making excuses, ringing in sick for them. cleaning up their mess. Enabling in this context means that the natural consequences of a loved one's drinking or drug use are removed by these well meaning people. YOU!  

So, what's up with that?

  In simple terms, if your loved one is not experiencing the consequences of their drinking or drug use, they are just not going to change!  

This sound like you?

  You're in the right place...  

This course is for you if you...

  • Want to stop enabling your loved one's drinking or drug use
  • Want to truly understand how to be a helpful helper
  • Want to explore the impact of enabling on you, your wider family and your loved one
  • Want to know exactly how to stop enabling using simple strategies
  • Want to know how to truly help your loved one so that it benefits you and your family
  • Reduce your stress and live a better life

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Course Includes

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